We’re looking for an iOS Developer to join our startup team!

About Us

At Nibble Nutrition, we are changing the way individuals and organizations manage nutrition-related illnessesWe are looking for passionate and creative people who love to learn and apply new technology to solve complex problems.

Nibble is built on solving real problems for real people in the simplest, most elegant manner possible and we want to work with people who get things done. We dream big, iterate fast, and build stuff.

We are currently building a health-tech platform that includes an iOS app, Android app and web platform. Some pieces are further along than others and that’s why we need someone like you.

About You

You are a motivated and energetic software developer (preferably with some personality) who can be an innovation engine in our organization. You must have a fanatical commitment to serving the customer while inspiring the team around you to pioneer the next-generation of health-tech solutions.

You excel in a fast-paced environment. If you’re scared of big problems, don’t respond quickly to texts, and aren’t willing to work some late nights, this is not the company for you.

You should be goal-orientated and be able to work without any supervision or mentorship. You thrive in a cross-functional setting. You have to be willing to sit at a computer and program for hours on end, but also be able to talk with the marketing team about how to make the product better for the end user. 

What We Need You to Do

Develop and expand our mobile app platform.

Develop and expand our web platform.

Translate customer complaints into incredible features.

Have difficult conversations with the internal team (startups are hard and required lots of difficult conversations).

Convey your great ideas to the team.

Sacrifice some of those ideas for the greater good (not an easy thing to do).

What You Need to Know, Have, and Be


Have a degree, certificate, or example projects to show that you know what you’re doing.

Be a good human being. We value integrity and hard work above everything else.

Have excellent organization and communications skills.

Be proficient in Swift, PHP, HTML, jQuery.

Must have some experience with MySQL.

Ideally have some experience with AWS Cognito, AWS EC2, and AWS Lambda.

Bonus points for experience with Android development.


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