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    Better health, one bite at a time.

Tracking nutrition isn't fun, so we made it fast.

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Welcome to Nibble

Nibble Nutrition directly ties the foods you eat to your health.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, manage diabetes or hit a new PR in that marathon this fall, Nibble can help.


Nibble Features

No Ads. EVER!

Calorie Goal Setting & Tracking

Macronutrient Goal Setting & Tracking

Visual Representation of Daily and Weekly Progress

Barcode Scanning

Voice Entry of Foods

Nibble Certified Database of Foods

Direct Macro Entry of Foods

Log Meals in the Future for Meal Planning

Custom Meal Creation

Save Your Favorite Foods

View Frequent and Recently Eaten Foods

Apple Health & Fitbit Data Access

Aria WiFi Scale Data Syncing

Macronutrient Goal Setting & Tracking

Weekly Reports

Data Analysis & Recommendations

One-Touch Water Logging

Bodyweight Tracking

Body Measurement Tracking

Blood Sugar Tracking

Graph Results Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and more

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We Made Things As Fast As Possible



We made the home screen simple.

Right from the home screen you can log water, scan barcodes, enter macros, and view your progress.

Nothing is more than a click away.

We know your time is valuable so we’re saving you as much as we can.

The Database Is Simple


We’ve listened.

You want a simple database so we made one. We still have a well-known, trusted and incredibly reliable database.


We’ve also built our own Nibble Certified Database that you’ll see when you search for foods.

Not sure how to log that apple? Just look for the Nibble logo!


It's Really About Results



Let’s be honest. It’s not about tracking your nutrition. It’s really about meeting your goals and getting healthy.

We allow you to measure bodyweight, blood sugar and six other body measurements (with more being added regularly).

We help you tie the foods you eat to the results you want.

It doesn’t have to be difficult.

It's Simple. It's Free. It Works.

Better health, one bite at a time.